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Scientists & Students Around the World Who Helped Us Enrich Our Project

Principal Investigators


Dr. Cantlon is a Professor of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University with over 20 years of experience working with primates in the wild and at zoos. She is a specialist in cognitive evolution and child development. Her research focuses on the origins of mathematical intelligence. She has discovered principles of human cognitive development that are shared by non-human primates. Her research reveals the connections between human intelligence and the intelligence of other primates.


Dr. DeLong is a Professor of Psychology at Rochester Institute of Technology who has studied sensory and perceptual abilities in animals for over 20 years. Her research reveals the phylogeny of diverse sensory and perceptual abilities across the animal kingdom. She has discovered fundamental properties of auditory processing in dolphins, object perception in otters, cognition in fish, and tool use and perception in primates. Her research helps us understand how animals 'see' the world.

Research Staff & Trainees

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